Study Process

The NoMA Bicycle Network Study will start by reviewing existing transportation plans and development projects for relevance to bicycle network consistency, travel demand, and safety in the study area. The primary resource for plan review is move DC, but the team will also review other plans and projects.

DDOT and the project team will create a design concept for each of the four east-west corridors in the study area. The team will consider each of the following when forming potential recommendations:

  • Traffic calming and bike boulevards
  • Vehicular congestion
  • Intersection improvements for bicycle travel
  • On street bike lanes, including buffered and painted lanes
  • Separated and/or raised bike lanes and two-way cycletracks
  • Grade-separated bicycle and pedestrian crossings over freeways and rail corridors

The team will create network options that provide a consistent and connected network of bicycle facilities within the study area. All options in the study area will be evaluated based on their constructability, property impacts, cost, and impacts on other traffic operations. The project team will develop a report, compiling the findings and deliverables from each phase of the project. The report will also include a summary of public comments and committee feedback received.

The process will engage government agencies, neighborhood stakeholders, and other interest group leaders. DDOT and the project team will work with an advisory committee, representing these various neighborhood and stakeholder groups. DDOT and the project team will also host two public workshops in 2017 to solicit input during the process. Please check the website events calendar for workshop announcements.

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