About the Study

Study Area

The project study area is from 6th Street, NW to 6th Street, NE as limits on the west and east sides respectively, with N Street NW to K Street NW as the northern and southern boundaries respectively. Priority corridors within the study area for consideration include K, L, M, and N Streets; 4th and 6th Streets NE; and New Jersey Avenue NW.

Map showing outlines of buildings, streets, and other features overlaid with the rectangular study area of N Street on the north, K Street on the south, 6th Street NE on the east, and 6th Street NW on the west.

Study Objectives

The NoMA Bicycle Network Study will produce conceptual recommendations for a bicycle network to connect NoMA to downtown DC, with emphasis on separated facilities. The study will provide recommendations for the following:

  • Low-stress and direct east-west cycling connections across the study area
  • Network improvements between current and future bicycle projects, within and outside the study area

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